Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Series: ...

If many of you know me in person or at least some what well.. you would know that book worm doesn't even cut it when it comes to what I am... I don't just take books in.. I devour them. You would know that I am a book afficionado. You would know that one of my favorite things is having a good glass of wine with a good book in a comfy corner and spending the evening in silence, well almost silence. The only things that would cut the silence would be the flipping of the yellow-y pages, the noise made by the swirl of my wine glass, the clink of the wine glass being set on the table.

When I came back from Europe, one of my good friends J. gave me a book called "Paris Hangover" by Kristen Lobe. Now, I am a big fan of classical literature... that's what I really love. However, from time to time a good fluff book is in need to just not have to think too much as you read. I finished this book last night... now, there were parts where I was like: "What the hell? This girl is dumb! Why would you ever think that a guy named: Fabrizio would be French... he is obviously Italian." However, I got over the little picky details that I always manage to find.. and kept reading. It reminded me of my life in France so much... it wasn't even funny. I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much was probably because the author describes the city of Paris and certain parts of Paris.. and hey, I know them. I've been there... there is a great crêperie around there, or that is that one café that I went to with A, etc... I can think of a million and one stories about Paris... I can tell you all about the hidden treasures I have found.. or simply the crazy stories I have managed to have.. So, that inspired me for the next series.. quite simple really: Paris.

I shall start writing this weekend. I will make a french dessert and some wine and will jot down all my memories and experiences and loves in Paris.

Hope you are prepared!


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