Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So far...

Ok well since I have been here, almost a week now, I haven't posted too much so here is a little recap ;). The first day here we went to La Laguna, a city up in the mountains, it was very cool and had a light breeze. We just walked around and had some traditional Canary food, which I love, the only thing that I don't like so far is the meat... it tastes a little weird but other than that... DELICIOSO! The next day we walked around town and saw this weird sculpture...

it has a face in the back too and I forgot to take the picture.. :(

Then we went to this concert thing called Platano Rock... we saw some god awful bands that looked like they borrowed their girlfriends clothes...

 then an amazing band called The Whip, they are from Manchester and they were DIVINE! And so we called it a night.

On my birthday we hung out with Miguelito and went to someone's house to listen to music and watch a weird Swedish film. It was kind of a twilight movie but more artistic and about 12 year olds... pretty crazy!

Anywhoo... yesterday we just walked around stores to go shopping but nothing too amazing or that caught our eye.. and today is relax. Just chillin' at home. ;)
Til tomorrow


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