Monday, June 21, 2010

Surfing...not so much.

I'm sorry about the delayed posts my dear bloggers but the free time I have I am normally sleeping. Today Pili and I got up at 8am to go round and round up a mountain to get to this secluded beach on the Island. The beaches were amazing... I felt like I was in the movie the Little Mermaid. Anyway after being a bit nauseated from the twisting and turning we met up with Pili's sister and some of her friends who were going to teach us how to SURF!! Yeah, that's a good joke. Pili and I are nerds we belong in libraries reading books about crap that happened centuries ago not running around in the tide and fighting currents to try to stand on a board made of plastic that I am supposed to somehow manage my balance on. After about an hour of splashing around and not getting anywhere past step 2 out of 3 we decided to just walk along the beaches and take some photos...

 Street art!

 Pili and I
 Black sand!
 Fun boat ;)
 I love locks

 The long winding road.

After a nice afternoon rest we went over to one of Pili's friends house to watch the world cup game of Spain vs. Honduras. Good game but Spain kind of messed it up.. a lot!  But at least they still won. I am excited about Mexico's game tomorrow. Viva Mexico!

Well that's it for now...

Hasta luego

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