Tuesday, June 8, 2010

T-Minus 7 days!

Hello there fellow bloggers,

I am proud to announce that next Wednesday I will be sitting next to my friend Pilar on a transatlantic plane ride to Madrid, EspaƱa! Where we will sit in the airport for 3 hours to take another plane across an ocean where we will land on the island of Tenerife, or better known to some as the CANARY ISLANDS.   I have never been to Spain and am super excited, especially since half of my family is from Spain, might as well go.

So, I have 7 days to get everything together, packed, bills paid off, money exchanged, and say farewell to all my beloveds because I probably won't be back until next April or May! My veins quiver with excitement at the thought of discovering new things, meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and most of all... finally becoming trilingual by the age of 22!

Well off to do laundry and pack and psych my self out!


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