Monday, August 2, 2010


Well this post is long over due, and I apologize. Pili and I spent four blissful days in Amsterdam walking around the city and riding a boat thru the canals. This was one of my favorite places, not only because the architecture and the city was beautiful but also because of the way Pili and I saw the city. We would leave our apartment and walk about 10 mins to get to the tram stop, we would stop in a little bakery on the way and buy croissants and juice, coke, or water.. and then be on our merry way. We would pick which ever tram came first and stop wherever it looked beautiful or their were a lot of people... so in short, we had no idea where we were... but I am sure that we have seen a lot of things that are supposed to be seen in Amsterdam. By the way... you try pronouncing Leidesplein, yeah exactly that was like every street so to not be lost is pretty much impossible. Pili and I had a little dilemma as soon as we arrived in Amsterdam, due to the fact that, that neither of us had ever been there and their english accent can be pretty thick so it took us two hours to finally arrive at our apartment to drop our things off. But to keep it short.. Amsterdam was awesome and cannot wait to go back and explore!

Rembrandt Square! 

Pili about to take a boat ride thru the canals! 

This is when you know there are way too many bikes in Amsterdam!

We should have bought some shoes like this.

Try saying that!

These were condoms hanging in a window. Can anyone find the Eiffel Tower, a Monkey, a Banana, and a Windmill!?

One question! What are Cowgirls doing in Amsterdam? 

Just chillin'! 

I have no idea what this is but it's beautiful! 

Pretty Red Door! 

Switzerland pictures will be coming soon! :D 


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