Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just keep it rollin'

Ok, funny story for all... Let me start from the beginning. 

French obsessed girl number one met French obsessed girl number two in the fall of last year. It happened that we had been working at the same company for years but never met because of working at different locations. Any way, the work bond isn't what brought us close together but rather the French one. You see we are both French majors and have a pretty unhealthy, I'm sure of it, fascination with France, French, anything remotely french! So a friendship sprang over night, when we worked together all we wanted to do was talk about France. 

Then one day, I decided to move to France... it was time to do it and have the adventure of a life time. Once I told french obsessed girl number two, well she wanted to go for it too. So, ten months later I am driving a stick shift from my uncle's house to the train station to pick up french obsessed girl number two. Only problem;  I haven't driven a stick shift in over NINE years! 

As I'm driving into town, everything is going swell, just as planned! Except for the rough start on how to get the car rolling in the first place. Once in town, well, I had to take the first light to the left, PROBLEM! The light was red and took me three attempts to get passed it... THREE and not three starts, THREE times for the light to turn green, then yellow, then red, then yellow, then green again... you get the gist. I finally arrive at the train station and wait about 10 minutes and see her arrive with these suitcases that could probably hide skeletons, but no worries she's not the type. 

We walk a little around town to get to the car, now, french obsessed girl number two knows that I'm not good at driving a stick shift and she is laughing her head off. I am going 34 kilometers per hour on average just to keep the car rolling so I don't have to stop at red light!

Well we started going the wrong way because all the signs are in German and well, I can communicate in 3 languages and pretty much understand a 4th one but German is not included on that list. So we have to call Jana, or french obsessed girl number two does because I am driving.

Anyway, the theme of last night was :: Just keep the car rollin'! But we made it safe and sound home and we are now about to embark on our Swiss travels. Neiderhorn mountain here we come! Plus we get to ride Razor Scooters all the way down! Who's excited!?


P.S. French obsessed girl number two is Sam. Check out her blog here!

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