Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snail mail!

  One of my little delights in life! My best friend seems to read my mind in advanced. Because every time I find myself in a foul mood for some reason or other here [such as weather or school or Grèves] I seem to come home with a little piece of mail that has been slid underneath my door. I <3 it! As I have placed the postcards on my wall of the “beautiful” landscapes of Oklahoma or the cute little furry animals today I received a very particular card dear to my heart!

There is definitely one thing I miss the most of all and that is my best friend. We’ve been good friends for years and we’ve had some tough times but most of the times have been filled with giggle fits, music blasting from our junky, old, beat up, red, two-door cars; or spending our times in silence reading together.

Today was a day I needed a bit of uplifting, and today was when I received the best card ever.

Thank you Breah!
I <3 ya long time! 

<3 naoma

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