Sunday, January 2, 2011

two thousand and ten

In January I watched Avatar in 3D, spent time with friends and met some interesting people. Decided to make a life change and change my major one semester from graduating. I switched to French. 

In February Started my obsession with cooking... and by cooking I mean cooking well. Spent time with friends and decided to move to France. 

In March Went to Dallas for my best friends birthday. Started filling out all my paper work for my french visa. Still obsessing about moving to France!

In April I Started to loose concentration in class because I preferred to spend time thinking about France. I started getting the hang of French Phonetics. Went with Breah to see Dane Cook in Kansas City, MO. Got lost on our way there and we were almost to Colorado. Still made it to the show on time! 

In May Stress time to pack everything up and sell most of my things for the big move. Worked on a 10 page french paper that turned out a lot better than I expected. Went to Houston to get my French Visa.

In June I Quit Starbucks after four years of working for them. Had moved out and was packing up the last necessities to move. Had a great going away party and spent time with family before leaving. June 16th, I left the USA and spent the rest of the month in the Canary Islands and met some a-mazing people. Tried to learn surfing.. didn't work out too well.

In July Spain won the world cup while I was there. Went to Madrid. Pili and I became very good friends, we had adventures in Paris [after we suffered through a strike] Went to Amsterdam!! Had an amazing trip through Europe.

In August I Spent this month with my family in Switzerland and started reading a lot and taking long walks in the fields and meadows! Also went to a German wedding which was soo much fun! I traveled with my friend Sam, we had a great car experience. We went to Geneva and razor scootered down a swiss mountain! 

In September I Moved to Amiens! Met the coolest people ever and my french started to improve! Discovered a little second hand bookstore! Discovered more about my current french town, Amiens

In October My new friends and I became even closer! Halvard and I spent time in Paris one sunday afternoon and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and saw Justin Timberlake! I took a mini trip to Switzerland once more to visit my family. I knew what it meant to be part of a "Grève" a strike

In November I started knitting like crazy and had confused emotions about culture shock and home sickness. I had an international thanksgiving with my closest friends! :) I bought my famous Yellow Coat!

In December I Saw the Marché de Noël. Beautiful snow. Lots of cold weather and rain and wonderful goodbye party. Walks through the snow and a lovely Christmas with my family. 

How has your last year been? I think I have had an excellent year and can't wait to see what happens! :) 


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