Monday, January 10, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 7

Well, today I am supposed to post a "photo that makes me happy" I kind of find that lame but I guess I will submit to this challenge fully! 

I would have to say that the image below makes me very happy because it's something that I hope to have someday or something kind of like this. 

Now, if you are not a book aficionado as I am than you think I am completely insane. But, I couldn't imagine a better way for an extra room than fill it from floor to ceiling with my favorite books and making a cozy corner to sit and soak in the words and stories from each binding. 

I think that is why "Beauty and the Beast" was my favorite movie when I was younger because that library just fascinated me! I wanted one just like it! I know!! What little kid loves books? Well, Me! 

What makes you happy? What little treasures in life is it that just makes you smile automatically? 



  1. Me, too! I especially love when you find a rare gem of a book with that old musty smell to it.

  2. Having something like this would definitely make me smile!! I looooove books, I'm never without one!