Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 23

A travel story.

Since I have spent a total of 10 months [almost] abroad you would think I have plenty of great travel stories, and believe me I do! The challenge here is to pick one out that I haven't shared with you. I have shared the Eiffel Tower/Champs Elysées/Justin Timberlake story, the train departure with my friend on the train and me on the platform, the Bordeaux trip, adventures in Switzerland, etc. [You can read the blog to catch up.. ;)] But now, to share a juicy story of traveling, well.. not so easy now.

However, lately I have been super excited about the sun/spring/summer/beach/Marseille trip coming up/my best friend coming to visit... so I have been recently thinking about.. Florida. Now, you may ask yourselves why I am thinking of Florida when I am in the middle of western Europe and have amazing friends from literally all over the world.. but I can't help remember those summers [three years ago] when I went to Florida with my family for a summer...

Riding my bike along the coast and stopping in at charming book stores and reading out side, running to the beach, spending time with the family, enjoying my evening on the balcony while hearing the ocean slide its gentle waves against the sand and stone.. that is how my memories are fading. The waves of time slowly eroding the solid rocks of memory and turning them into sand.


[later pictures from DisneyLand Paris.]

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