Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friendly News

Having friends from around the world is something I only used to dream about. Never in a million years did I ever think that some of my best friends would be from different countries that are on different continents and never would I have thought that these friends would not have English or Spanish as their mother tongue. It sounds weird to me, to call my family and when saying good bye to them with some of these sentences: “Hey, sorry I really have to run I’m meeting my Dutch friend for coffee like 5 minutes ago.” Or “Well tonight I plan on going out with my Norwegian friend and the Spanish girls…”

I have come to appreciate different cultures, foods, traditions, languages, personalities, political opinions, etc. from some of my very good friends that I ended up meeting in France. Some of my favorite topics of conversation have been trying to explain my cultures [that are completely different] to my new European friends. I love to hear the comparisons and their views on how things run in America and Mexico. Sincerely, I feel that I have learned something new everyday; when I lie down and close my eyes to go to sleep I can’t help but smile. I appreciate each and everyone of you.


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