Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Challenge: Day 14

This day's question is quite interesting. My highs and lows this past year. This is a really good question because most things that are 'high' in life have come from a 'low' or come attached to a 'low'. Now, you maybe asking yourself how is that possible; how can a hight be attached to a low? Well, let me explain my highs and lows and you will understand what I mean. 


- Moving to France
- Meeting some of the most amazing people here abroad
- Tons of traveling like here, here, here, here & here.
- I went to a German Wedding... so much fun!
- Have accomplished a major goal in my life:: perfect my french. Now, I know that my french is not perfect, far from it. But it makes me so happy to see the progress that I have made and when I speak French it feels natural and am thrilled that it did happen. 


- Because of 'accomplishing' a life time goal to move to France, I've had to drop everything and leave. I mean sell practically everything I ever owned and starting back up from scratch. It was a thrill to come here and know that you are on your own that you have to make everything worthwhile for yourself. I miss my family, friends, things, car, & the conveniences of America. 
- Feeling torn between three countries. I never knew that home sickness could hit me so hard.
- Dealing with French Bureaucracy! [It is such a pain!]
- Quitting Starbucks. I miss everybody I worked with and miss slinging latt├ęs around at 6a.m. for soccer moms! 
- I regret not enjoying every moment of my life while I was in Oklahoma with everyone! 

That's the gist of it. As you can tell they are all related. I've had an amazing time being abroad but have also missed being in my comfort zone and being with my friends and family. But I must admit that I can tell how much stronger I have grown from this experience! I know not many people have this opportunity and would kill to have it... and to those people out there.. I want you to know. I am making the most of my life here! I'm not regretting anything! 


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  1. I've done the same! Left Ohio and settled in the UK! Everything has it's highs and lows - learning a lot though! Way to go you! Keep up the blogging! Xx Jen