Monday, July 25, 2011

Journal Entry no. 2

*Read these before reading this entry::
                             Journal Entry no.1

July 5th, 2011.
            This is so depressing, my last day in Europe. I’m excited to see everyone once more but I’m not excited to leave everyone here! I feel like these people are such a major part of me. How am I supposed to go back and act like nothing has happened? I guess that’s what I’m mainly worried about. I’m in love with Madrid. Madrid is such a lively, beautiful city, which kind of reminds me of Mexico which is so nice… I want to move here.
Part II:
            This really sucks. I just finished packing. I really don’t want to go… could they give me one more extra day? Oh well! Last night in Europe, it’s all or nothing! I shall write tomorrow, especially since I will be on a 9 ½ hour flight and I will probably be bored. Actually I know I will be!           

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