Monday, July 25, 2011

Journal Entry no. 3

*Read these before this entry::
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** Caution: This Journal Entry was written on the plane ride home so.. it is quite long, since the plane ride was quite long.. You have been warned.**

July 6th, 2011.
            In the plane now about to depart… this is awful! I’m literally crying on this plane and people are starting to stare, I don’t even care! We are taking off; this is my favorite part of the whole trip. This plane is already one hour and twenty minutes late… awesome! I still have one more flight to catch. Nine and a half hours from Madrid to Chicago, two hours from Chicago to Oklahoma. Wretched!

            I slept four hours and got up to get myself ready and dragged Y and myself to the metro with my two suitcases. We got to the airport two hours before my plane was to depart. There is a massive line to check your luggage and get your ticket. After about an hour and fifteen minutes I have one checked suitcase, one carryon, and my bag and am rushing towards security since I only have 45 minutes to get to my gate and get on the intercontinental flight. Let’s not even talk about security. After getting all my stuff organized after security I went to the boards to see from where my plane was departing. Terminal U, I am in Terminal L, which means I must take the trolley ordeal. Not only that, next to the gate number my plane is ‘Boarding’ Awesome! The trolley takes 20 minutes. I run into customs, after getting my seventh passport stamp [yay!] I am running through the airport, I believe I almost ran over a few elder ladies.. I am quite sorry about that but I barely made my plane. Why? Because the gate was the last one of Terminal U. Yes, gate 68! You read right… SIXTY-EIGHT! All that running to just be stuck on the plane for an hour parked! Great start to a trip, right?

            So, now officially I’ve left Europe after almost 13 months! I’m flying across the Atlantic! Chicago t-minus 8 hours. Oklahoma t-minus 10 hours. I’m not excited. I’ve learned on this plane what I really love. How? Because in the movie “L’Auberge Espagnol” [Great Movie! If you haven’t seen it.. I don’t know why you are still reading this? That DVD should be in the player this instant.] The main character cries when he’s leaving home to do his Erasmus studies [Erasmus- is a European program for exchange students] and I am the one crying going back not when I was leaving [but it was also different. I knew I would see all of them and knew an exact date practically.] I’m crying because I’m leaving a part of me behind. I’ve made some awesome friends and had some amazing experiences I mean, I have stories to tell from this past year that people take their entire life to have.

            It’s kind of weird being surrounded by so many Americans! It is also really weird knowing that I can use a debit card anywhere and using quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies… and having only green bills that feel weird in your hand.

            I’m already tired of being on this plane… but there is so much time left.. Ugh! Plus this is the first time I’ve ever been on this big of trip all by myself. Well, I guess I am different person than 13 months ago. Crazy how many things and how many different turns life gives you in just one year. I feel so much older and I’m only one year older! Life goes by too fast… food is here. Bye.

            No one ever knows the answers to many things in life.. One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t search for the answer, but rather learn to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms, or books written in a very foreign language. Live the questions because the point is to live everything. And maybe, one day, without knowing it, you will grow into the answer.” I think that is the best quote for my life right now!

            I still have like 4 ½ hours on this damn plane! Well I still have movies… I will need a hobby when I get back to the O.K. since la fête pour moi evidement c’est fini. [the party for me is evidently over.] I plan to start learning German. Reasons:
                                    One- To understand part of my family.
                                    Two- So that I can have more possibilities to work in Europe if I can speak the top four languages: English, Spanish, French and German.

            I have ink stains all over my hands. I guess that just makes me a writing enthusiast, a writer or just deeply disturbed with need to fill pages with my weird thought, but I guess that is what writers do… we just have so much to say but some things can’t be said they can only be read. You know like the sacred bond of trust between the writer and the reader. Most of the things in my journals should never be spoken… it is too random… my thought process runs away with itself and I cant eve keep up with it sometimes. Why should these things be spoken? Well, it’s a trust issue. These are the thoughts deep in my head that rarely emerge in conversations. They are kept secrets between you and my insane mind. I guess I’ve always been the oddball in the family for many reasons… But I like being different, just like I like people that are different too. If you are like everyone else you have nothing to offer or bring to the table. But I also think my weirdness/independence sometimes scares people. I can come off too strong..- I don’t like labels... I feel they put people in categories and we aren’t supposed to be placed somewhere... We are all subjective. 

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